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I am a Major in the United States Army.
I have been in the Army for about 13 years.
I serve here in Fort Hood, Texas.
Part of my life is focused around goals and how to achieve those goals.
I try to cut out a lot of unnecessary stuff, and I think that comes from my military background.
I try to cut out TV and include some type of spiritual meditation, some type of daily practice that helps me get mindful and determine my purpose.
I feel like the military has given me that foundation to figure out what steps I have to execute in order to achieve those goals.
I am Antione.


Since NOBULL launched in 2015, the support from the community has been overwhelming. #IAMNOBULL is a way for everyone who believes in cutting out the BS to step up. We want to hear from you, work with you, and feature you. Your stories of perseverance, toughness, and dedication need to be told.

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