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Jamie Simmonds

Jamie Simmonds

May 17, 2022

I’ve always looked at life as one big party, filled with ups, downs, hurt, happiness and everything in between. Ever since I was a kid I've chased challenge, the feeling of achieving something you once couldn't, conquering something that scared the hell out of you. It is a feeling that never gets old. 

I learned from a young age that to achieve big things, sacrifices must be made.  Nothing proved this more to me than leaving my family, friends and favourite place in the world, New Zealand, to not only pursue my career but to grow as a person.

I've learned something new about myself with every challenge I have faced, from playing rugby as a young girl, moving alone to a foreign country, and starting my competitive CrossFit journey. Every time I have that feeling of “what if I fail” I remind myself what I have at home and who I am representing. Us kiwis aren't a big nation, but we are determined, we are resilient, and we have a lot of heart.

Every day there is a chance to face a new challenge, to look your fears in the eye and build a character that you are proud of. I am excited to never take the easy road and take each day as it comes to build a stronger, fitter and faster me.

I am here to show up, inspire others to chase their own challenge and, of course, have a good time while I'm at it! 

That’s why #IAMNOBULL